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Tonya Russell

Streamside Solutions
Sales and Marketing Manager
Fort Collins, Colorado Area
I hate waste. That's why I'm always the one in my family who eats the leftovers and turns off the lights. It's also the reason that I work to encourage facility managers to stop heating and cooling empty rooms. In many cases this waste represents 20-40% of energy use in buildings. Just think how much we could save by eliminating this problem throughout the U.S.!

Returning HVAC equipment to unoccupied settings when rooms are not being used significantly reduces operating costs, energy use, and your carbon footprint. Believe it or not, you can do it without entering a single schedule in your building automation system.

Jeff Goebel, Plant Manager at Minnesota State University Moorhead, said it took his employees 17 clicks to make one change in their HVAC schedules. After implementing our software, Events2HVAC, he is saving 10-15 man-hours per week in scheduling time and 45-55 cents per square foot annually in energy costs, with historical costs at $1.75 per square foot annually.

Contact me and let's find out how much your organization can save!

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